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Welcome to Anoles, Quails, and Maybe Cattails! This website will cover a range of topics, including but not limited to: quail keeping, reptiles, wildlife, wetlands, natural history, and much more. A lot of this content will be based on my own knowledge and experiences, although I may also include some additional content from books, nature documentaries, other websites, etc. Although this website is a work in progress, my goal is to provide not only quality, accurate information, but also interesting and inspiring content presented in a beautiful, nature and botanically inspired format.

The main topic of this website will be quail keeping and conservation.

I will try to keep this website updated regularly, and I will work on making changes to this website to improve both it's functionality and to make it more visually pleasing. I may also add a bit more advanced coding further on, such as Python and Javascript. I am also working on making the website a bit more mobile friendly.

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Anoles Quails and Maybe Cattails

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