Anoles, Quails, and Maybe Cattails

Involving Kids With Nature

If children are our future, then we need to help them to grow a love and appreciation for the world around them. There are some good ways of doing this, which will be listed below.


Some of these will be available online. As always, suprevise younger kids when they are using the internet.


Giving kids opurtunities through programs is another way for them to learn to appreciate nature, and gets them involved with their community.

4H Clubs

4H offers so many things for kids, including STEM, archery, and livestock. Joining a club is a great way to intoduce your child to a varietyof new and interesting things.

Pheasents Forever and Quail Forever

If your child loves plants, pollinators, birds, or being outside in general, then they will probably love the resources provided by Pheasents Forever and Quail Forever. Coloring books, facts sheets, and activity sheets are just a few things provided, and many of these resources are free. You can access their resources here.

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