Anoles, Quails, and Maybe Cattails

Collecting Skulls and Bones

Skulls are beautiful, coming in many shapes and sizes. It can be fun to collect both rare and common skulls, but how does one start a collection?

animal skulls

Collecting skulls can be a rewarding hobby.

animal bones

In addition to skulls, you can collect other animal bones.

Where to obtain animal skulls

It can be easier to find dead animals if you live in a more rural area, but you can still collect skulls if you live in a densly populated area. Below is a list of where to find skulls and skeletons. Be sure to always wear rubber gloves (those disposable ones work well) when handling a dead animal.

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Storing and Displaying Bones

Once your bones are clean, you can really display them however you want. I think that skulls look really good in shadow boxes, especially in boxes with a black back-ground. If you want to store them, plasic storage bins work well, and entire small rodent of bird skeletons can be kept in a mint tin. Skulls look really nice all together displayed on a shelf.

Notes on Legality

Most of the time, it's okay to keep a found skull. However, there are some things to keep in mind:

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