Anoles, Quails, and Maybe Cattails

Obtaining Quail

You have read up on diet, set up an enclosure, and have everything you need for a successful start. Now it's time to find your quail! Only buy a few quail to start out, this way you won't be overwhelmed and it will be easier to find homes for your birds if you decide quail keeping is not for you.

Online Hatcheries

Ordering chicks and eggs on the internet can be an easy way to start your first covey, but you need to make sure to buy from a quality hatchery. Below is a list of hatcheries that I recommend. Please remember that even the best hatcheries can't guarentee fertility in their eggs, and often cannot control the shipping conditions of the eggs.

Like many animals, quail come in many varieties. Click this link for a chart showing some of the common varieties.

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